Body Wrap


  Service 3 Treatments
Body Wrap $125 $300
  • DO start taking M’lis CELL-U-RID at least one week prior to starting a wrap series.
  • DO drink a minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day at least 1 week prior to receiving first body wrap; continue this habit forever! Don’t drink anything within 1 hour of your wrap.
  • DO ensure that you a practice a healthy lifestyle (including your diet!) to maintain the inches lost. Avoid processed foods, caffeine, white sugar and white flour.
  • DO use M’lis MAINTAIN each day after a bath or shower.
  • DO ensure that you perform enzymatic exfoliation at home at least 3 times a week using the M’lis Body BUFF
  • DO ensure that your technician performs an enzymatic activator prior to receiving wrap.
  • DO ensure (if you are sensitive to niacin) that you are not using any tanning creams, or vitamins that contain niacin 2 days prior to wrap.
  • DO consider doing an internal detoxification program to enhance cellulite and inch loss.
  • DON’T allow yourself to be wrapped if you: have a heart condition (specifically conditions requiring Coumadin), epilepsy, have had cancer that is not in remission, or are pregnant or nursing.
  • DON’T use any moisturizing lotions, tanning creams, B vitamins or niacin products within 2 days of your wrap.
  • DON’T shave the day of your wrap.
  • DON’T consume carbonated drinks, coffee, refined sugar, white flour, red meat before your wrap.
  • DON’T shower within 6-8 hours of receiving M’lis Contour Body Wrap.


A more mild form of the spa strength Contour Cream that is used at home on cellulite prone areas to stimulate circulation and continue the contouring process on a daily basis.


This herbal formula stimulates and strengthens the elimination system. It helps to soften and break down cellulite through increased circulation and reduced water retention while appeasing the appetite naturally.


Enzymatic exfoliation removes dead skin cells before the wrap, dilating capillaries and enabling nutrients to get to the cells. This stimulates the metabolism of the skin for better wrap results. This is an essential step done prior to wrapping