Hello Gorgeous is a Wellness Facility offering a holistic approach in our products and services

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Welcome to Hello Gorgeous Inc.

Hello Gorgeous is your premier destination for holistic wellness just outside of Hudson, SD. As  a Wellness Facility, we're dedicated to helping you achieve a healthier, happier, and younger version of yourself. We offer a range of services including Nutraceutical products, essential oils, healthier coffee options, natural skincare and haircare products, as well as healing therapy services and rejuvenating anti-aging treatments. We provide a comprehensive approach to well-being. Step into our space and be our guest as you learn and experience the transformative power of embracing natural alternatives for a vibrant life.
Our team at our health and wellness center is dedicated to providing top-notch services and products that cater to all aspects of well-being. From traditional offerings to innovative techniques like sugaring, we strive to offer a diverse range of options to meet our clients' needs.
Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the industry has led us to introduce sugaring to South Dakota, setting us apart as pioneers in the local market and ensuring our customers have access to the latest trends in health and beauty treatments.

We specialize in many health and wellness services and products.

We are the first to bring ‘sugaring’ into the state of South Dakota!

Our goal is: A Healthier, Happier, Younger you.